Edogawa Charm

  • 100% Japanese Freshwater Eel
  • ① 100% Japanese Freshwater Eel

    Edogawa serves 100% Japanese freshwater Eel. Our chefs prepare Unagi straight from the market, grill to perfection, and serve freshly cooked.
    We pay close attention to detail, and service for our customers to relax and simply enjoy the skills of our chef.

  • Skills and Technique of Artisan Chefs
  • ② Skills and Technique of Artisan Chefs

    Preparing Unagi requires skills. Skewering often takes 3 years to master, and 7 years to master the slicing of freshwater eel.
    Our highly experienced chefs put their passion into preparing the Unagi served to customers everyday.
    It requires a lifetime to master the art of grilling Unagi. We put a lot of effort and study on improving the best and most delicious way to serve Unagi to our customers.

  • Tokyo Syle (Edo-Yaki)
  • ③ Tokyo Syle (Edo-Yaki)

    Edo-yaki, or Tokyo style Unagi, is sliced along the backbone and lightly grilled before steaming.
    The excess fat is removed before grilling to serve, which makes the Unagi more tender and healthier than Kansai style Unagi.
    We practice "Tsugitashi" (to add), with our original Edogawa sauce, preserving our original Edogawa Unagi sauce for almost 60 years since its foundation.
    Enjoy the deep flavors of our Unagi and sauce.

  • Our Recommendation Edogawa Specialty ‘Ohitsumabushi‘
  • ④ Our Recommendation Edogawa Specialty "Ohitsumabushi"

    Edogawa Specialty "Ohitsumabushi" can be enjoyed in 3 different ways.
    First, please enjoy as it is.
    Next, add scallion and wasabi and enjoy the flavor of the added condiments with the Unagi.
    Finally, add Suicha, our original mix of Japanese tea and broth to the bowl of rice and Unagi. The light flavor, and mix of Unagi and condiments will give you full enjoyment to the last bite.

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